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Adult Soap Box Derby

I know, it's not a motorcycle.  But it was a fun project, and it's racin', even though there's no motor.

Tom Gerino and I built the 'Rot Rad' from an abandoned kiddie kar.  Our vision was more art (make it look something like a rat rod) than function, but then our need for speed kicked in and we massaged the chassis and wheels.  We won several throphies, including 1st place at the Johnson County Classic.  Part of the fun for us is seeing all the crazy cars people build, primarily built from dismembered bicycles.  Cars must weigh less than 225 pounds.

Unfortunately, after badgering the promoters of the Marble Falls Classic to enforce the rules for 3 days, we were slapped in the face by winning the 'Sportsmanship Award.'  My wife and son were almost handcuffed and arrested by another member of the staff (a very mean off-duty sheriff) for no reason.  We will never participate there again. 

More pix and articles to come.  Click on the links at the top of the page, or the menu icon on your mobile device, for stories and photos.  Neil's 2016 NOLA Racing Video, starring JK, is at the bottom of the page along with a short clip of the Barber front straight and 5 howling Hondas.

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